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(PC) Unlimited 3G Data – $40/Month No Contract

I know, twice in a week talking about PC connectivity but again, a lot of people don’t use their phones data as a primary source and rely on wifi or in this case, cheap wireless data plans. DataJack has launched a new service where you can buy a USB modem for $99 and then use it for unlimited (yup, no 5gig cap) data for $40/month and there’s no contract so you can use it for a month at a time. If you go twelve consecutive months then you get a free month. Their 3G maps looks a lot like those AT&T maps on the VZ ads though:) But they do have 2G bands as well and the modem has a slot for a micro-sd card so you can also backup data to it.

To make sure you know they’re serious about the lack of a data cap they state “Yes, DataJack Service is truly unlimited. You can leave it connected to the Internet 24 hours a day and not worry about any overage charges.” So the game plan -  move this modem with you and wherever you are just use Connectify on your PC or laptop to make your own wifi network to connect to and have internet on the go for cheaper than the carriers charge, no data cap and of course you now have data to your computer and phone. Not bad.

Now I know nothing about this company so if anyone tries this please share your experiences but I can see this really working for a lot of people as a home/portable solution which is relatively inexpensive especially when you consider this gets you online at home and away so you can probably cancel some duplicative service you pay for.

credits to Chip Chick via liliputing