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Phosphor Debuts World Time Sport E Ink Digital Watch

Watches are mobile right? Why not, they go with most of us everywhere, so I guess they would be considered mobile anyway. Phosphor has just introduced their new World Time Sport E Ink digital watch that is not only E Ink but it’s a touchscreen. A touchscreen watch, it was bound to happen right? I can’t recall any others out there really, I’m sure there are, I just really don’t pay much attention as to what’s going on in the watch world?!?!  if anything it’s the first E Ink watch out there today and that’s interesting in itself.


The new World Time Sport debuts a state-of-the-art buttonless touch lens operation, allowing for a sleek, ultra-modern look, and the ability to change modes with simple finger swipe across the case. This latest World Time model also features a curved E Ink digital display, utilizing similar electronic ink technology found in Amazon’s KindleT, to create a high-contrast display that is easily read in direct sunlight. The reflective nature of the E Ink technology helps extend the battery life of the watch as no backlighting or power is needed to maintain a display image.

The World Time Sport also offers the ability to select from 24 time zones from one display mode, while optionally displaying a second time zone simultaneously. The dual time zone display can also be user configured to simply display the time of day or both the date and time. Initially available in three colored versions – black, white and orange – the World Time Sport also includes a flexible silicone band and durable plastic case. "Through the unique design features of a buttonless display, the World Time Sport brings technology and style right to the wearer’s fingertips," says Donald Brewer, Managing Director of Phosphor. "This watch is a perfect and affordable timepiece for everyone from the world-traveler to the active parent."

Phosphor’s World Time watch line is the first commercially available E Ink digital display watch. The World Time Sport is the newest addition to that line, retailing at $99 and available online and select retailers nationwide. More information on this watch, as well as Phosphor’s other timepieces, can be found at

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