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Play SNES games on the iPad and use an iPhone as a controller.

Capture Around here, most of us are not shy about how we feel about the iPad or iPhone.  Some of us love the iPhone 4, and loathe other models.  Some of us even like the older ones while secretly lusting for an iPhone 4.  Others still can’t stand anything about the iPhone and would rather cling on to our WinMo devices until WP7 hits the market.  And of course, there’s those of us that decided that none of those options were very good and decided that Android was the solution.  That’s all well and good, and promotes healthy debate and a good diverse pool of opinions and experiences that we can delve into when we’re trying to come up with some articles in the background.

Now that I’ve said all that… the iPad.  None of us really liked the thing when it was announced.  I then used one and was impressed, but still didn’t see a daily use for one in my life.  Then I watched my wife lugging around her laptop EVERYWHERE (work, kitchen, bathroom, etc) to watch hulu and netflix and read some books (either ebooks or audio books – yes, a lot of them go on her iPhone, but most of them live at the local Library’s website) and I thought, sure, I’ll get her one of those iPad things…  Now I’m thinking I might want one too.  Doug Smith’s article about the iRig application and hardware got me excited for iPhone-based guitar playing, and then I saw the iPad version.  It’s amazing!! Full screen on the iPhone gives you some simple graphics compared to the multiple effects pedals and amp settings on the iPad.

I didn’t think that anything could be cooler.

And that’s when I saw this:

If independent developers are churning out products this polished and featured on BOTH the iPhone and the iPad, and giving them away for FREE, I can’t wait to see what the next 2-3 years on the iOS platform brings.  I’m still looking forward to WP7 and Android 3.0 though because innovation drives the competition, and I’m famous for switching devices more often than underwear (Much to my wife’s annoyance and displeasure…). 

So anyway, if you’ve got an iPad and an iPhone, please check this out and let us know how it is!!


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