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PlayStation 4 Controller Leaked?

We’ve been hearing rumors on the PlayStation 4 for months, recently, the controller has gained its fair share of popularity in rumorville. Among the more interesting rumors was the inclusion of a small LCD screen.

According to Kotaku, a unnamed source reported close to the project said this controller is the real deal. When they reached out to Sony, here is what they got:

“Sony has gotten back to us, singing that short-but-sweet tune we all know and love: “We can’t comment on rumors or speculation.”

So, if this thing is real, what have we got? Well, the design maintains the dual shock design we’ve all known and love, then the obvious LCD screen right in the middle of the controller itself and it looks to have gained a bit of thickness. Oh, lets let look past what looks to be a small speaker under the screen, looks like Sony is taking a note or two from Nintendo’s book.

With the added screen and speaker on the controller, I am sure gaming will have a whole new element we can look forward too. your thoughts?