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Pocket Internet Explorer 6 Video

Back in November I posted an article on Pocket Internet Explorer 6 (PIE6) Emulator Video. I was a bit hacked off because "the Microsoft think tank" decided not to release it to the masses, but instead include it with newer devices like the Samsung Omnia  (Read about it here). Granted we will all see it regardless because it will eventually find it’s way into Cooked ROMs.

Today we have for you a video by that has Pocket Internet Explorer 6 running on the HTC Touch HD. While Brandon does a good job doing the video, he is obviously being optimistic that the official release will work A LOT better than the version he is running. Check it out:

So if you were getting your hopes up waiting for PIE6 to come to a Cooked ROM for your device, you may want to reinvest your dream of a better Mobile Browser into something else, like maybe Fennec?