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Porting Progress: 2 Down and Counting

We knew it was coming and so far we have two apps from the TouchPro2 ROM ported to the Fuze/TouchPro/Diamond. Doug just reported on the HTC Calculator. Next up is a new version of Opera (v15613) which Herg ported to VGA. This version has the zoom bar at the bottom as well as d-pad zoom support and translucent tabs at the bottom. Two versions are available; a Fuze and  non-Fuze version (the difference being medianet settings in the Fuze version). Opera can be downloaded from here.

So for anyone keeping track, the Dutty ROM has been out for two days and so far two apps were ported already. Not a bad start. Thanks again to Herg who is batting 1000 in porting so far in porting:)