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PowerSkin Announces Battery Case for Samsung Nexus S 4G

Need more power to keep 4G going on your Nexus S? Then look no further than the new PowerSkin battery case that not only protects you phone but can provide up to 340 minutes of extra talk time.

PowerSkin® has rolled out a skin for the Samsung Nexus S 4G, expanding its line-up of slim-fitting silicone cases with integrated batteries that provide twice the power to smartphones.
“PowerSkins® not only offer shock-absorption for smartphones, they’re also a permanent power supply that can be charged over and over again without the hassle of being removed each time,” said David Becker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PowerSkin® / XPAL Power. “PowerSkin® prides itself on offering the widest selection of battery cases for the Android community, and we will continue to roll out skins to coincide with upcoming Android launches.”
The Samsung Nexus S 4G PowerSkin®, compatible with AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile carriers, will keep phones charged for up to 340 minutes of extra talk time, featuring 1500 mAh of power capacity.
When plugged into a laptop or wall charger, built-in smart technology automatically charges smartphones first, followed by the PowerSkin®. The PowerSkin® will also be the first to drain power when in use, conserving battery life on the smartphone.
The Samsung Nexus S 4G PowerSkin® is available for $59.99 on, as well as on and at Tessco.