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Prank Bomb Your Friends with The Little Devil Air Horn

little-devil-air-hornIf you have an Android Device and you like annoying your friends then you might want to check out The Little Devil Air Horn on Google Play! It has 20 different annoying sounds like an Air Horn, Girl Screaming and crowd Favorite Farting. What’s different about this App is that it has a Prank Bomb feature that allows you to set an alarm with the annoying sound of choice. At the dinner table? Set a Prank Bomb before hand and enjoy the looks of shear horror  directed at the person next to you because you slid your phone under their chair! Catchy logo and an email from the developer begging me to post this makes it on out Friday Postings. Enjoy your weekend and Prank Bomb your Little Devil Air Horn App this weekend for free on your Android Device available on Google Play!