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Prepare For April Fool’s Day With Trickster

image Into messing with people? Well Herm has an app ready for you. It’s called Trickster and it consists of three games. The first is called The Ultimate Puzzle. You hand the target your phone and it instructs them to press to start, double tap to exit. Once they hit start they get the wait cursor and periodically a message like ‘loading’ or ‘please wait’ appears. When they finally double press to exit out of frustration it says ‘this is how to keep an idiot occupied for x seconds.’ I’ve used this a few times and it’s brutally effective. They’ll get at least 30 seconds and then you may even need to tell them to double tap to exit and then when they see the message you see the despair in their eyes. And then when you try it on the next innocent person they get in on the joke:)

Next up is a game called The Click Game. The start screen tells you to try to press the screen as fast as you can to try to fill the onscreen progress bar. When they get heavily engrossed in rapidly clicking the app portrays an onscreen crack and gives a cracking sound that remains. You get that momentary heart drop until they realize it’s a joke:)

Last up is a classic hand buzzer. You just turn the buzzer as high as you want and when the screen is touched you get a loud buzz with a hard vibration, just as expected. It also works if you leave your phone on someone’s chair – but make sure they weigh less than a feather or the joke may be on you:)

This one is available from Herm’s Software for just $.99 , or pennies a laugh:)