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Prevent Headphone Blast with Hearing Saver for Android

If you sneak away to the shitter at work to listen to some jams or Howard Stern or sports talk or whatever’s your fancy, then you have more likely than not fallen victim to the blast your ears take when you’ve left your phone volume up too loud for headphone levels. Usually, I try to make a habit of frantically pressing volume down as soon as whatever app I’m launching begins playing, while bracing for the inevitable blast. There are many ways to skin this cat, however. You could go the Tasker or Locale route and program your phone’s behavior in myriad ways, but if that’s too much work or bloat or battery drain, then Hearing Saver might be worth your time. This free Android app allows you to set volume levels that are triggered when the headphone jack is plugged in. You can automatically mute notifications and ringtones so that whatever you actually want to be listening to is not interrupted. Then, when you unplug your headset, Hearing Saver returns your volume back to normal levels. Fully customizable, low battery drain, and very highly recommended.

Hearing Saver on the Android Market. QR code: