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Psychology of Technology: What Do Experts Know? Nada!

As many of you know, Windows Mobile doesn’t get a whole of respect from tech writers and bloggers. It’s practically a sport among tech geeks to diss WM every chance they get.

Well, as often is the case, I’m happy to tell you that the end users (read real people who buy the stuff) actually like WM, thank you very much. As our good friends over at wmpoweruser report a recent Consumer Reports survey of over 50,000 users in a variety of American cities, not unexpectedly, the iPhone received the best score of 74/100, but nipping at their heels were WM-powered HTC Touch Pro 2 (71/100) and the HTC Imagio and Samsung Omnia (both at 70/100). Surprisingly, the Palm Pre and several Blackberry models, phones that most people are beloved by their users, were rated as unsatisfying to their users.

Does this mean that WM has their OS down pat? Definitely not. But they are heading the right direction and phone buyers are taking note.

As for all of those techies who continue to speak poorly of WM, my guess is that their perceptions of WM are so distorted from past experience that they’re unable to objectively evaluate WM phones in the present. Or, getting a little deeper psychologically, it may be because they weren’t loved enough by their mamas!

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