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Put More Teeth Into Your Bluetooth

Bluetooth has become a part of most of our daily lives and there are two apps that aren’t new (they’ve been in our forums) but we never discussed…so may as well do it now:)

The first is BlueStarter which will automatically launch an application when a bluetooth connection is established. So you can launch your GPS application or your media player for example.  Even better, it can be configured based on the bluetooth device so you can set it to launch GPS or NaviPanel  when your cars bluetooth is located and start your media player when your stereo headset is detected. This is the work of paulwal of XDA and you can follow the thread in XDA here or go to his website for the download here.

While we’re talking about bluetooth headsets, AutoA2DP from xiaojin1985 of XDA will automatically set your device to connect as a stereo headset since the WM default is to just connect as hands free. So now you get both and your bluetooth headset will automatically connect as it should. Chadster214 tested it out in our forums and was impressed.

So there you have it, two programs that let you do more with bluetooth. Remember, if you like their apps you should buy some coffee for the developers.