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Ramon’s New Years Resolutions: Hate Android Less, Continue to Hate iOS

Ramon’s New Years Resolutions Hate Android Less, Continue to Hate iOS

Christmas is gone and still there be no Note II under my tree, needless to say, Santa Claus is not welcome around here any more! On the lighter side of things, New Years is quickly approaching and there are sure to be lengthy hang overs in tow. But before I drink myself good and proper into a new calendar commitment, lets get my resolutions out of the way!

First on my list is to hate Android a lot less. ICS better known as the worse cool code name for anything I’ve ever seen, started a trend in the Android community. A trend where stability and less cussing found a home in this update. A less ugly UI, more “Google is digging through my stuff again,but that’s okay” and did I mention less ugly? Jelly Bean? Oh man, perfection! Less ugly transitioned into beautiful, function, stable and GOOGLE NOW! Google finally figured something out, and I am happy to say, I like what they’re ended up with. Did I mention how much I love Google Now, I think I might have done so once or twice. Such a huge innovative step in mobility and deliverance of information without interaction. Man, those guys at Google sure are smart!

iOS, oh iOS, why will you not go away? We get it, the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are all sexy. I am even willing to bet the iPhone 5S will be every bit as sexy as the others before it, but here is the thing, iOS, you’re now ugly to look at. You’ve been ugly to look at for 2 years now. You had your time of beauty, elegance, functionality, simplicity, gloss and sheer awe. But now, even the not so sure Blackberry 10 will come and pass you standing still. Half-assed Twitter and Facebook integration just won’t cut it and Instagram isn’t going to save you this time around. The people are tired of buying a slimmer iPod with a better camera only to have dropped calls still occur, and I am tired of hating you for it. So what will I do? Hate you more! HA! If something doesn’t change in the iOS world in terms of UI and experience, I fear even my mother and her consumerist ways will start to smell the manure she’d been shoveled for so long. As it is, she is already intrigued by my Lumia 920.

Other random resolutions include reading more, drinking less soda, doing a pull up, and getting some sleep at night.


– Ramon over and out!