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Rate Everything – With O-Meter

If you use Windows Mobile you probably know Herm’s Software by now. Their latest release is O-Meter. It’s a meter in your pocket…for anything and everything. There’s a meter on the screen and a series of preset things to test like love, fun smell, etc. But don’t worry because you can add your own thing to meter like the Job SuckoMeter I set up on Friday when everyone else was home for the July 4th weekend and I was still in the office:)

As for results you can play it a few ways. It can do random results, or you can rig it with a preset result or use the gsensor to adjust results in real time. Is it a novelty app? Well yeah. Is it fun? Yeah and for $.99 it’s a cheap thrill. It supports almost all resolutions and you can get it from Herm’s Software here.