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RealPlayer SP For Macs Available

I’m not naming names, but I bet some of you are Mac users out there. Well Real released RealPlayer SP for Macs today. This has long been available for PC’s. This lets you  download videos from online sites like YouTube and transfer them to your portable devices and even XBox and lets you post them to FaceBook or Twitter as well and it’s free.

The Mac version works slightly differently than the PC software, as there are certain requirements/allowances for Mac OSX. For instance, the infamous “download this” button you may be familiar with in the PC version is not in the Mac version. Instead, whenever you watch a video, the download/converter window of RPSP will open and ask if you’d like to save that video to your Mac and convert it to your device. This is similar to how RP 11 currently works. The only difference is that now you’ll have the option to move the videos elsewhere.

There’s a video tour here if you want to see more. The download is available here.