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Recite Revisited

I guess we weren’t paying attention when Microsoft released an updated version of Recite that supports screen touches. If you don’t recall Recite (which we discussed here) it’s a simple yet really functional app. You speak any notes you want, whether it’s a list of groceries or a phone number or anything else. And later when you want to find those notes you just need to hit the search button and speak one of the words that would come up in the search and then it plays that note for you. The initial release relied on the dpad but by using screen touches its use is extended to more phones (like the Touch HD, TP2 and Diamond 2) so now it’s easier to scroll through your notes and if multiple search results are found it’s easier to go through  them as well. Tap an entry once to select it, a second time to play it or the ‘x’ to delete it.

I’ve always thought that this app was very underrated and if it were an app on another phone we’d be seeing commercials about it all day and all night long. To download the latest version you can go to this site from your computer (which will either let you download a PC installer or send an SMS to your phone) or direct your phones web browser to

Thanks again to jimski for pointing this out in our forums!