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Remote Control: LogMeIn releases Ignition for Android

LogMeIn’s Ignition is a remote access application for Android, which will cost you a cool $30 in the Market. The tagline at LogMeIn’s site is rather succinct: “You’re never more than a click away from your work and home computers, including all your files and applications.” As this statement filters through the minds of those most likely to utilize such an app, it quickly translates to “monitor your torrents unabashedly.” I’m personally still awaiting the Teamviewer app for Android because, if the Apple version is any indication, it will be free and will accomplish the same goals. But, if you can’t wait for free, then LogMeIn’s version should suffice, as it’s been optimized for over 26 Android devices, including the G1 (for anyone still toting around one of those anachronistic clunkers).

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