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Reprogram Your Spouse…The App

What happens when Bbonzz and Herm get together? They try to take over your mind!:) MindRemote is a remote control for your phone. Just point it at the person who needs a little change and voila. So guys, you can finally get a beer, some home cooking, a message or a striptease with the press of a button. And don’t worry ladies, you can finally get your man to flush the toilet, buy you flowers and tell the truth! Ok, so it’s a novelty app but it really is funny as hell in use. Oh but you’re likely to get a decent smack if you overdo it…but you’ll still be laughing so it’s worth it:) As expected from these guys, you get a well put together and highly entertaining app that just keeps tempting you to use it.

The app is available here for just $.99. The steak you’re going to need to get rid of your black eye is not included:)