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Resco Explorer 2010 – Totally Touchable File Manager – Gets Updated

The best just keeps getting better. Resco has announced today that they have updated their “Totally Touchable File Manager”, Resco Explorer 2010 to version 8.05. Resco File Explorer 2010 Version 8.05 can be yours for $29.95 or can be tested out for 7 days in a free trial. Here was happened in version 8.05:

New features in Upgraded Resco Explorer 2010 (version 8.05)

  • Quick-search supports wildcards — the quick search tool supports “*” and “?” wildcards, you may now search for files and folders the way e.g. *pattern?.exe
  • Improved Bluetooth features for Microsoft Bluetooth stack — Bluetooth transfer becomes 4 times faster + the discovery window shows the paired devices
  • HW keyboard commands supported — commands such as Del, Tab, Ctrl+C, Ctr+V etc. are now supported on HW keyboard as well as on Soft keyboard
  • Progress window is showing the remaining time
  • Report view supports both directions scrolling (for longer columns) —  in case the columns are wider than the display size, you may now scroll to the right/left as well

Smaller improvements:

  • Paste shortcut for more files
  • Properties window — file name and location is scrollable and supports context menu
  • REG file import — silent import + key deletion ([-HKEY_…]) + comments are supported
  • Today plug-in includes — option “Stay On Top” — If you turn the option on,  Explorer’s Today plug-in will always stay on top of the home screen, even after installing  and turning on new plug-ins

So head on over to Resco for more information or to download your copy to test or purchase.