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Review of K2R-803 7800mAh Cell Phone Portable Charger with Flashlight

Up for review today I have another portable battery from a company called K2R and it’s just called the K2R-803, no fancy name or nothing like that. The battery is 7800mAh in capacity and it has dual USB ports, one is 1amp and the other is 2amp so it can charge most any device out there surely. The 803 also has two white LEDs that function as a flashlight to be used in emergency situations or for when you’re camping and need to search for something in your bag in the dark or maybe even just trying to find your keys in your purse coming home at night. I charged five devices with it and the battery still had capacity left to charge something else. Read on to learn more…



Product: K2R-803 7800mAh Cell Phone Portable Charger with Flashlight

Price:  Price: $24.99   (from Amazon at time of review)

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



K2R Technology: Quickly Becoming Amazon’s No.1 Cell Phone Accessories Supplier

Techy and non-techy fans will love the K2R-803 Portable Charger. It is beautiful, lightweight with an incredible 7,800mAh. The amazing versatility of this product means it can be used on majority of cell phones and digital products which charge via a USB cable. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and endeavor to provide exceptional customer satisfaction by going the extra mile.

* Only top grade Lithium Ion Battery Cells are used
* Multiple levels of protection built into the charger to keep your phone battery healthy
* 3 Yrs FREE warranty
* $41.09 worth of FREE bonuses

A Blend of Beauty and Simplicity:
* 2 USB ports – Charge 2 devices at once
* Flash light – For power outages, emergencies, camping and many other occasions
* 4 LED light indicators to show remaining charge
* iK2R – intelligent K2R monitoring system with over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit and over-load Safety protections

Wide Compatibility:
* Most smartphones including Apple and Android smartphones
* Tablets and other USB-charged devices

What’s included:
* 1 x K2R-803 Portable Charger
* 1 x User Manual

* 1 x K2R LED USB Micro cable (Suitable for most smartphones)
* 1 x K2R LED USB Lightning cable (Suitable for iPhone 5)
* 1 x an exclusive K2R’s Battery Boost Bonus guide ebook

Dimensions: Size (LWH): 3.35 inches, 2.99 inches, 0.87 inches
Weight: 5.6 ounces

Battery Type: Lithium Ion


What’s in the Box?
We’ll start this off with a video unboxing, and then continue on…





The packaging for the K2R-803 is plain but nice and stylish. The box slides apart and has a string on it that you pull to reveal the contents.




Once you get the box unpacked you’ll find the battery, two USB cables and the user manual.


The two USB cables are microUSB for most devices out there these days and a Lightning connector for Apple stuffs.


The K2R-803 battery is plain looking for the most part, the logo is on top and it’s mostly white with blue sides and the bottom is just plain except for some specs listed and certifications.


On the top or front edge is where you’ll find two UBS ports, one labeled Out 1A and one labeled Out 2A, these are the USB ports you’ll use for charging your devices. You’ll also find a microUSB port to charge the K2R-803 and then four small LEDs that light up blue to indicate the battery charge remaining in 25% increments. Above the Out 2A UBS port you’ll see two larger clear looking LEDs, these are the built-in flashlight.


On the side is the power button that turns the LED flashlight on and the battery itself and so you can check the capacity levels.


Impressions / Review:

When the K2R battery arrived to me it was only at about 50% charge capacity so I had to charge it and this was done with the microUSB cable that came with it. The first thing I noticed when I started charging the battery was the USB cable itself, the end LED lights up red to indicate charging and it will turn blue when done. The second thing I noticed was how long it seemed to take to charge the battery from 50%. I plugged it in to charge at around 11am and it was finally finished at about 6:30pm which was about 7 hours in charge time for abut half of the battery to be charged, that just seems like a  very long time to me. Yes it’s 7800mAh so it is a large battery but I have 10,000mAh batteries as well that don’t take that long to charge.


The connection ends of the USB cables have LEDs in them that light up blue when plugged in and change to red when charging. I’m happy to note that the cables worked just the same with my computer as they do with the K2R battery. I’ve not seen cables like these before and I think it’s a great idea to have LEDs like this in them.


The K2R-803 has a handy built-in flashlight that consists of two white LEDs about one of the USB ports. To use the flashlight you just tap the power button twice, once to turn the battery on and then again to turn the LEDs on and then just tap again to turn it off. The LEDS aren’t exactly bright enough to light up and entire room but they’re good enough to use to find something in your bag while camping or keys in your purse in the dark. The LED light can come handy surely.

For testing I charged things I have and I started off with my HTC One M7 cellphone and I have to mention again that I really like the LEDs in the cables and how it turns red to give you a nice bright visual indication of charging. The HTC One does have a tiny little LED in the top section that lights red when charging but having the bright red LEDs in the cable is a lot nicer.



The next thing I tried charging was my PS Vita. I wasn’t sure about this as I’ve reviewed many batteries and for whatever reason not many of them would or could charge the Vita but the K2R battery could but only with the 1A USB port, the 2A port wouldn’t charge it.


Next up I charged my Joby Blade rechargeable flashlight and I had to use my own cable as it uses miniUSB, which is fine and it charged with no issues.


I then charge my Braven 570 Bluetooth speaker and again no issues here with charging on either USB port.


Yes the K2R-803 can charge two devices at the same time which can certainly come in handy.


The last thing I charged was my Dragon Touch i8 Windows 8.1 tablet and yes that charged just fine, but I used the battery even more with the tablet actually.  I had to re-caulk my bathroom tub/shower and patch a hole in the wall near the tub because of water damage because my children cannot keep the water in the shower. All in all it took me about four hours total to get the work done and I took my tablet with me to have Netflix running just was background noise to watch something as removing caulk and such is boring and rather tedious. The point here is that I took the K2R-803 battery with me and used it too keep the tablet charged as streaming Netflix, running video etc runs the battery down rather fast, so I kept the battery plugged into the tablet the whole time. I noticed that the K2R-803 actually charged the tablet battery faster than the tablet could use the battery it seemed as when I was done it wasn’t even using the K2R-803 anymore as the battery was fully charged.


When I was done charging all those devices and using it for four hours straight the K2R-803 still had 25% capacity left on it, which I would say is pretty good.





The K2R-803 is certainly a big battery that will allow you to charge numerous devices before needing to re-charge it again.

The different amperages on the USB ports will allow you to charge most any device out there today, tablets, game systems, phones, GPS devices, cameras and many other things, virtually anything that can be charged over USB should be able to be charged with the K2R-803 battery.

The K2R-803 is very useful for sure but by adding two white LEDs they made it even more useful as a flashlight in emergency situations or just when you need to find something in the dark.

The battery is small and portable, smaller than my HTC One phone, so you can just toss it in a bag and go and it won’t add much bulk or weight to your carry at all. The K2R-803 seems well made too and should be fine just tossed in with your stuff.

The only issue I have with the K2R-803 is the charge time, it just seems like it takes a long time to charge it. It took about seven hours to charge it just 50%, so charging it from fully depleted might take a really long time, all day, or overnight. I guess the high capacity of the battery would be worth the charge time though, but I do have larger batteries that don’t take as long to charge as the K2R-803 does.

Overall I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the K2R-803 for those looking for a high capacity portable battery that can charge pretty much everything you own.



+Can charge two devices at same time
+USB cables have LEDs in them to indicate charging
+Inexpensive compared to similar
+Large 7800mAh capacity battery for multiple charges
+Can charge tablets and game systems
+Has flashlight built-in

-Seems to take a long time to charge battery itself over USB



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.