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Review of +Lifeguard Mini 1 3000mAh Portable Charger

Hello, hello, I’m back with another review of another portable battery for you. Today for review I’ve got the +Lifeguard Mini 1 3000mAh portable charger or portable battery or whatever you won’t to call it. It’s 3000mAh capacity so you should be able to get one full charge for most phones, or ‘top off’ several devices. This battery would be fine for a days outing or to use an emergency charging as a backup for other chargers you might have. You never what can happen so it’s nice to be prepared right? The +Lifeguard Mini 1 is small, only about four inches long and just a few ounces in weight so you can easily take it with you in your pocket if need be. Read on to learn more…



Product: +Lifeguard Mini 1 3000mAh Portable Charger

Price:  $21.97

Overall Rating: 4.5/5



+LIFEGUARD MINI 1 is the best portable battery charger available on the market. This compact well-designed product has a premium smart battery that will save your cell phone battery hundreds of times with rapid and full charges.

-Smart plug & play Samsung grade A cell battery.
-Real 3000mAh capacity – full charge your phone and still have juice.
-Quick charge – get your device 100% charged in 1.5 to 2.5 hours.
-5.9in Apple compatible lightning cable INCLUDED.
-Tough aluminum shell makes it impact resistant.
-Can be recharged more than 800 times.
-CE, ROHS and FCC certified.

Buying the +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 portable charger you will get a 5.9-inch charge & sync lightning cable (Apple certified). It has a convenient size for charge your iPhone (6+, 6, 5S, 5C or 5) with +LIFEGUARD MINI 1.

iPhones, iPods, HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Sony and other cell phones, MP3, MP4, digital cameras with DC 5V input.

+LIFEGUARD’s confidence in the MINI 1 is backed by its 18-month money-back guarantee. Feel safe to buy the +LIFEGUARD MINI 1 and enjoy your cell phone more than ever.

Dimensions: Size (LWH): 3.8 inches, 1 inches, 0.9 inches
Battery Type: Lithium Ion


What’s in the Box?


Let’s start with a video unboxing and then continue on from there..




The packaging for the +Lifeguard Mini 1 is nice looking, there’s a small window on the top to see the battery itself and then the back has some basic specs.



Once you get everything unpacked you’ll find a brief user guide along with the battery, microUSB cable and an Apple Lightning cable.

life3 life4


The +Lifeguard Mini 1 that I have is pink in color, but there are other color choices available. The outer casing is made from what’s looks to be anodized aluminum making it durable for sure. The size is about 3.8 inches x 1 inches x 0.9 inches making it small enough to put in your pocket and it weighs just a few ounces so it won’t add much weight to your carry or take much space either. On the top, I guess you would call it, is a single LED that lights up either red or blue depending on what you’re doing.



On one of the ends you’ll find a microUSB port for charging the +Lifeguard Mini 1 and then a standard USB port for charging your devices. The other end just has the name and other info like UL marking and the capacity.




Impressions / Review:


The first thing I did was charge the +Lifeguard Mini 1 battery with the included USB cable and it took several hours. The user guide says it can take up to 12 hours to charge, I’m guessing that’s for a fully depleted battery though. When charging the LED lights up red and then turns off when complete.



I charged my HTC One M7 and my Dragon Touch i8 Windows 8.1 tablet with the +Lifeguard Mini 1 battery. When charging your devices the LED lights up blue to indicate it’s working.

life8 life9


The +Lifeguard has a 3000mAh battery in it and the tablet has a 5000mAh battery in it and my HTC One M7 has a 2300mAh battery in it so obviously I wasn’t going to charge both of them fully. Neither of my devices were fully empty, but I charged them both to full with the +Lifeguard and it seemed to work just fine. The time for charging was just like I was connected to my PC USB port, no surprises there at all.

I also tried to charge my PS Vita with it and it wouldn’t work. When I plugged it in the LED on the +Lifeguard battery came on but it was very dim and it wasn’t charging the Vita. Not a big concern as a lot of portable batteries will not charge the PS Vita.


I have two small issues with this charger.

The first one is the fact that there is no way to tell what the battery capacity is. There are no battery level indicators on the device at all, just a single LED to let you know it’s working.

The second thing is the fact that it doesn’t auto shut-off when it’s done charging. This isn’t a big deal as I would assume it will just continue to trickle charge your device, but it would still be nice to have it just shut-off when done.




When it comes to portable chargers you’ve got lots of choices and you’ll need to figure out what would work for you.

The +Lifeguard Mini 1 will provide enough power to charge most devices once fully and maybe have a little left over so it would make a great day charger or one maybe to keep in your car for emergencies.

The +Lifeguard Mini 1 charger would also be great for taking camping or hiking as it’s very small and doesn’t weigh much at all.

Overall I like the +Lifeguard Mini 1, it’s small and it works like it should, but it’s not perfect. It has so small issues that I can live with I think though.


+ Small and portable
+ Includes microUSB and Lightning cables
+ Well made and good looking


– No battery level indicators
– No auto shut-off



Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.