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Review of Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank

Welcome to my review of the enCharge 2000mAH Portable Power Bank. This little handy dandy tool allows you to give your phone, tablet, or any other small electronic gadget a quick battery charge.

Back up batteries and backup power have become all the rage these days with cell phone users due to the amount of power our cell phones put out and the sometimes little power our batteries carry with them. I can’t tell you how many times I have run very low on battery while I am out and not able to charge my phone. I have also had several instances where my phone has died and not been able to charge it.

In this connected world we live in, it’s important for us to be able to utilize the technology we have for communication, fun or in an emergency. This power bank was tested on several of my electronics. My Samsung Galaxy S5, a Galaxy S4, IPhone 5 and a Galaxy Tablet. This Power Bank I tested came in black, but it is also offered in blue.

This is the 2000 mAh version, which means depending on which gadget you test, it may not give you a complete charge. The small and sleek design of the Power Bank makes for a compact tool that can be stored in your pocket or bag and taken with you on the go to be used when you need a quick charge.


Product: Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank

Price: $34.99

Overall Rating: 4/5



The Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Power Bank in black is the perfect companion to ensure your smartphone has enough charge to power your app usage throughout the day and even features a built-in torch.

Power bank provides you with additional charge when you need it most
With 2000mAh available battery capacity, you can ensure your smartphone survives the day and beyond. Surf the web, check your email, send a text message and make a phone call in the secure knowledge that if your phone battery is low, you can boost the power with your trusty Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank.
Apps that require more juice to operate including graphically intensive games or those that use GPS are no longer an issue, so play for longer with the Olixar enCharge Portable Power Bank.

USB output for great compatibility
With an existing USB charging cable, you can simply plug into the built-in USB port on the Olixar enCharge Portable Power Bank to benefit from the 2000mAh of additional battery capacity it provides.

Freedom to charge your devices anywhere
The Olixar enCharge 2000mah Portable Power Bank provides you with the freedom to charge your devices anywhere. Connect a USB charging cable into the provided USB socket and instantly charge your device. This is perfect if you’re on the move or don’t have access to a mains power source to charge your device, including camping holidays and music festivals.
To charge the device itself, simply plug in a USB to Micro USB cable and connect to a laptop or PC or use with a USB mains adapter.

Small, stylish and portable
Designed to be portable, the Olixar enCharge 2000mAh Portable Power Bank is small in size so it fits in a bag, pocket or case easily, and boasts a clean and simple aesthetic.
A lanyard is also included, so you can secure the power bank to your wrist for easy portability and convenience.

Battery charge capacity indicator
On the top of the charger are a series of battery level indicators, which detail how much power is left within the power bank. With just a quick glance, you can see how much charge is left in the power bank so you know when you will next need to recharge the device.

Built-in torch
Also included is a built-in LED, that will light up should you find yourself in any dark dwellings or are unable to locate the place to insert your keys.

Technical Specifications:
Dimensions: 71mm x 35mm x 20mm
Weight: 50g
Capacity: 2000mAh
Input: 5V / 1A
Output: 5V / 1A

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What’s in the Box?

The enCharge Portable Power Bank comes in a clear plastic package that lets the purchaser read some information about the product on the front and the back of the packaging.

1 2


Inside the packaging you will see that there is a cardboard sleeve that contains the information about the product, and once you open the cardboard sleeve you will find another plastic sleeve that contains the actual Power Bank. It’s kinda like digging a hole, you just have to go deeper and deeper until you hit the depth you want, or in this case, the Power Bank.

3 4


Once you have unearthed the Power Bank, you will find that it comes with a few accessories. Included in the packaging there are simple instructions on how to use and charge the Power Bank. Also included is the charging cable, but not the outlet adapter. One side of the cable is micro USB and the other is USB. Also included is a small wrist strap that attaches to the Power Bank.




Impressions / Review:

The Power Bank itself measures almost 3 inches tall by 1 inch wide by 1.5 inches thick. It’s very small and compact and if wearing comfortable pants you won’t hardly notice it. It is also light weight which helps with travel.



On the front of the Power Bank there is a power button, when pressed you will notice that four lights turn on. Each light on indicated a ¼ percent of charge of the battery pack. So if you see 2 light then it’s at 50 percent and so on…The power indicator is useful to let you know how much you have left in the Bank to know whether or not it needs to be charged again soon.



On one of the Power bank you will find a micro USB slot. The Micro USB end is used to charge the Power Bank. With the little cord provided you insert the Micro USB into the slot and the other end of the mini cord is a USB port. The USB Port end can be plugged into an outlet adapter or into the USB port of your computer to charge the Power Bank.

You will also see that there is an LED light, or torch as some call it. It’s a handy tool if you need a little light to guide you on your journey home. To use the LED, press the power button twice and it will turn on. Pressing it twice again will turn it off.

8 9


On the other end of the Power Banks is a USB slot. This slot is used to charge the many electronics that you undoubtedly own.

One thing to consider when purchasing this product is the mAh. With 2000 mAh’s at your disposal, you will most likely be able to charge one single gadget to either complete or near complete charge depending on the mAh’s of the battery being charged.

My Galaxy S5 has a battery that holds 2800 mAh and the Power Bank only holds 2000 mAh. So for me, the Power Bank will give me a great boost. While testing it, my battery was down to 12% and it charged the phone to close to 75%.

The IPhone 5’s battery is almost 1500 mAh, so if that is your gadget of choice then this particular Power Bank will charge you phone completely and leave you a small amount left over.

Overall important things to consider are what gadget are you looking to charge, how often do you use your gadget and how many times do you want to recharge it daily. With 2000 mAh, you will be able to charge one item, and then the Power Bank will need to be recharged.



On the back of the Power Bank is written some useful information including the model number, capacity, output and input voltages of the device.




The design of the power bank is sleek and soft. The neoprene or rubber material allows for good grip and the size fits practically anywhere. It is ultra-portable and a useful gadget. My only concern with it is that it’s not powerful enough. With 2000 mAh, you will be able to get one charge on some gadgets and half charge on others.

I like this for an emergency item, you can keep it in your car or bag and in an emergency you can use it to give you some power until you are able to get to an outlet. For the price this item is worth it, especially if you are not planning to use this to charge several gadgets or not planning to use this as a primary charge for your gadget. I have seen more powerful ones that may cost a little more, but would allow you to use it several times, especially if you are on your phone constantly for work or for fun.

The built in torch is a great idea, useful in an emergency to help you in the dark. The other concern I had about this item was the cord that comes with it. The one you use to charge the actual Power Bank, you cannot use that cord to charge your micro USB device.

The Galaxy’s have a micro USB port and when I tried to use it to charge them it would shut itself off. When using the cables that came with the phone, it was able to charge them. I was able to use it to charge an IPhone, a Galaxy S5 and S4 but not my Galaxy Tablet. When I plugged it in, on the tablet it was telling me it would not charge. This may be an issue with the tablet itself or with the amount of power the tablet requires.

So in conclusion, I think for the price it’s worth it if you are using this in an emergency. If you use your phone constantly and find yourself charging it more than twice a day I would look into a more powerful Bank. Otherwise this model is great for how compact, lightweight, and easy to use it is.

+ small, compact, lightweight
+ built in torch
+ useful in an emergency

– not enough power

Disclosure: This product was given to us for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review; I do not, never have, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.