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Rhodium HTC Album Ported (Works for TP2 TF3D)

For those of you who were annoyed that HTC Album didn’t work any longer once you installed the ported TP2 version of TF3D today is a good day. You Know Who and DHarvy came together to port the Rhodium version of HTC Album and I’m happy to report it works with the TP2 TF3D. It does work differently though. There’s no more circle to zoom in or out. Instead, double tap for in our out and the dpad scroll works as well. And no more press and hold to pan. Simply start panning without the waiting (it’s a lot smoother this way) and to get to the next photo you can just pan even more and the next pic will come up. Take a look at that attached photo – I can pan and be between photos and pick where I want to go. All in all in this runs very smoothly. The only drawback is that rotation does not seem to work (gsen or otherwise). But this marks the first time the TP2 TF3D has HTC Album running and all of the other features are actually very smooth. I really prefer panning automatically when touched over the press and hold method and I find it’s much more intuitive.

Big round of applause to You Know Who and DHarvey for their work once again. The download is available from here in our forums. Make sure you disable TF3D when installing.

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