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RIM’s Playbook shown syncing with BlackBerry Device via BT

playbookRIMRIM has just let loose a video on the Playbook Tablet and how it syncs with a BlackBerry device via Bluetooth. In this video, the Playbook is syncing with the AT&T torch and demo’s the email app and reassuring IT Guys that the data is encrypted and is deleted when the connection to the corporate network is disconnected.

The Bluetooth syncing seems pretty smooth and emails that are read, deleted, or flagged are instantaneously updated on the BlackBerry device that makes the secure connection to your corporate server.

With Tablets all the rage right now, the RIM Playbook should be hit with the Corporate guys. BlackBerry needs a little shot in the arm to keep up with Apple and Android who have been a thorn in BlackBerry’s market share.

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