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RJM SMS Scheduler – Send Group and Scheduled Texts

If you’re big into sending text messages then this is a great piece of freeware for you. It’s RJV SMS Scheduler and it’s available to download from here. It lets you easily schedule text messages to be sent (so if you know someone’s birthday is coming up you can just schedule the text in advance so you don’t forget when the time comes) and you can easily send group texts. You always could add multiple recipients to send a group text, but this lets you make a group (say your college friends) and save that group under a predefined name so when it’s time to send a group text it’s easy to do. There’s no limit on the number of texts you can send or the number of recipients you can send to. I tested it out and it gives you a notification message when the text is sent. It did not keep a copy of the text in my text messages sent folder but that’s really not a big deal to me. Also, it sent the text even though I had closed the program so it’s a smart application.

Overall it’s a very well put together interface and a great piece of freeware for frequent texters.

via 1800pocketpc