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Rooted Evo 4G Users Get Unlimited Wifi/Bluetooth Tether App

Evo 4G users can finally save themselves another $30 per month from having to pay for Sprint’s hotsopt app because some awesome developers, Harald Mue and Andrew Robinson, developed a new app called “Android-Wifi-Tether”. This app will basically allow Evo 4G users to enjoy unlimited free WiFi/Bluetooth tethering. Downlaod the app here but make sure your Evo 4G is rooted if it is not here are the details on how to root your Evo 4G.

Also, incase some people are wondering what rooting means and what it does for the phone, here is a good article from our Android Kool aid man, Doug Simmons, “To Root or Not to Root ”

[Via Android Police]

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