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RTX Launches New Cordless Skype Phone

I was never one for Skype, I remember when it first came out and yeah I messed with it but there’s just too much stuff to install and have running if you try and keep up with everything. I gave up on Skype long ago, but I know a lot of you haven’t and if you’re interested RTX has just come out with a cordless Skype phone you can use in your home or office. It’s actually a combined phone, it’s both landline and Skype together in one place for you.



RTX, a leading provider of wireless communications solutions for the Enterprise PBX and SME market has announced that it is launching a combined Skype™ and landline phone. The new cordless phone, the DUALphone 4088, is being launched at ITEXPO in Miami.

The main benefit of the DUALphone 4088 is that it does not require the user to be physically connected to a PC to make VoIP calls. The caller can simply connect the DUALphone base station to a broadband connection and make Skype calls free of charge to other Skype users or have the choice of conventional paid-for landline calls worldwide.

At a time when the number of Skype calls is soaring, RTX says it expects the new handset to bring free and low cost calls to consumers worldwide. According to a recent report by telecom market research firm TeleGeography, cross-border Skype-to-Skype calls grew 48 percent in 2011, to 145 billion minutes.

Jesper Mailind CEO RTX commented, “Our new elegant DUALphone 4088 offers consumers a unique way to use Skype, bringing the benefits of wireless low cost or free calls to households across the globe at an affordable price-point. We believe there is a growing demand for dual phones from the existing 170 million Skype account holders. As more and more people use Skype our user-friendly and intuitive phone will be an attractive solution. It will also provide a business opportunity for resellers around the world.”

The new handset has a colour TFT screen and superior sound quality through the use of high definition Audio (HD Audio). The phone system can switch between two separate Skype accounts and can be extended to four handsets per household. Standard features including call waiting, voicemail and a phone contact list of 200 numbers have been enhanced by software to show the Skype status of the user and all contacts. The design of DUALphone 4088 is suitable for the modern living room.

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