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Samsung Borrows Heavily From Apple’s Passbook. Launches Samsung Wallet

They say impersonation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well I guess Apple could feel extremely flattered right now. Samsung continues to borrow heavily from Apple’s software and hardware design language. It has helped them rise to the top of the smartphone market and just when you think they have their own complete identity they launch Samsung Wallet. No not Google Wallet, Samsung Wallet.

Managing to stoke the ires of the Cupertino giant and ruffle the feathers of Google. Samsung Wallet is a clear attempt at pushing the Samsung brand while launching a feature that is meant to ease the transition for potential iOS converts. I have no problem with pushing your brand, that is what you’re supposed to do if you want to be successful. The problem I have here is that without much effort you can clearly see that the Korean tech giant fixed their eyes solely on Apple’s passbook. To complicate matters Samsung is clearly going in on the Wallet experience solo and separating itself from Google Wallet. It is simply the latest sign that Samsung views themselves as above the fray and Android brand. This is the type of behavior that Google has become wary of.

Like Apple’s Passbook, Samsung Wallet is able to deliver time and location based push notifications, notifying you when you are near a store or location that you can use a Wallet card. Always connected, membership cards and boarding passes can be updated in real-time.

Is this the year the digital wallet takes off? With Apple and now Samsung ready to push their own solutions 2013 might just be the year we get to use one of the most convenient digital solutions of 2012.


Source: The Next Web