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Samsung Galaxy S II contact lookup gets a cool tweak

If you are waiting on the Samsung Galaxy S II to come out then here is another quick little video about how Samsung has tweaked the contacts lookup options. First, like in all contacts scrolling you can one finger gesture from letter a through z to quickly navigate through what could be a very long list of contacts like I have. But here is where Samsung added some extra navigation gestures. Say you were looking up Doug and landed on the “d”. now instead of slowing down and scrolling down, you can without lifting your finger up, move to the left and it will then carry the second letter in the “d” category. So you will be able to see all the “d a” first and scroll past to get to my name which would be “d o”.

Another cool little tweak is that once you locate the contact you want to call, you have some more gesture options. By swiping to the left or to the right on the contact, you can either opt to call or to text them without having to enter into the contacts information. Very small little tweaks but definitely time savers.

So here is Jo and Nick again from Samsung demonstrating:

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