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Samsung Galaxy S II Voicetalk shown off in video by a couple of “dorks”

What? I’m not calling them dorks. They called each other dorks. I’m just reporting! LOL Okay, seriously we got a quick video from the Samsung (cough) dorks that are showing off their new app called Voicetalk. The first dork shoots the second dork a text and when he double taps the home button and a brief moment of uncertainty, a pretty cool app comes to life called Voicetalk that converts your texts into audio texts in the form of a pretty cold female robot voice. After hearing the voice text you can reply to the text with voice commands and send a message back to the original sender. Seems to work pretty cool so I thought I would post this as Sprint, T-Mobile, and the Death Star all will be releasing their own version of the SGS2 shortly.