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Samsung Galaxy S IV Renders Leak

Hand it to reputable leaker @evleaks. Just when you think you can turn your head away for one second you get smacked across the face with what look like definite renders of the upcoming Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S IV. The leaked renders contain both the device and the supposed specs that the device will be powered by.

Tech Specs

Device Shot relative to previous Galaxy S versions.

My big takeaway is the size increase with each version of the device. Now that the screen is 5” it is bumping right up to the Note and I don’t see Samsung pushing the size anymore. The device will sell very well but a small part of me wishes they would have used a slightly smaller screen size. Oh well, maybe it is just me.

Be sure to let me know how you feel now that you have a better idea of what the device looks like and what it is packing inside. Does it leapfrog the HTC One? Are you buying it day one? Let us know.

Image Sources: @evleaks

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