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Samsung Galaxy S IV Teaser Shows 2013 Boldness

For the past year I’ve been citing Samsung’s marketing as evidence the company gets it. As much as they have pushed the technological boundaries with their Galaxy S series the marketing push took on a different level with the Galaxy S III. We’re still more than a week away from the Galaxy S IV unveiling and Samsung has launched a preemptive strike on the competition. The teaser is the first in what will be a series of marketing pushes to drive home the point that the Galaxy S IV is the premiere phone in the world. I say that because I realize not one second was wasted on giving the competition any mention. The focus is solely directed to the Galaxy S IV and the apparent joy the phone will bring to the user.

Less than a month ago we saw HTC unveil the One. HTC claims this is the only high end Android phone that they will release in 2013 and is due to arrive on your favorite carrier not named Verizon within a day or two of the Galaxy S IV announcement. Since the announcement I’ve not come across any sort of promotional work HTC has done to keep the public interest up. Now Samsung has kicked off their campaign and if 2012 is any indication Samsung has set aside a substantial amount of marketing dollars to keep their brand at the forefront of consumer’s mind.

Samsung is growing bolder with each successive successful device launch. The lengthy Super Bowl ads shows Samsung has money to burn and are intent on staying in the public eye. My not so bold prediction is that the Galaxy S IV hype will swallow the HTC One whole and send all other Android OEM’s high end phones circling the drain. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong. Do you think Samsung is poised for their best year yet or other Android OEMs will stand up and take a bite out of them? Before you answer remember this is just the beginning of Samsung’s marketing efforts. They will get bolder as the year progresses.

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