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Samsung Galaxy Tab Locked Bootloader Fixed ROM Flashing to Follow!

If you got one of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Android Tablets and wanted to do some Custom ROM Flashing you may have run into some serious issues with Samsung locking the bootloader on some of the newest Firmware Versions that they have released. If you have such a new device (listed below) and you want to flash a custom ROM to it you are now in luck! I got an email from our old friend Chainfire  over at XDA and he and Rotohammer have come up with the patch that will allow you to Flash a Custom ROM.

Make sure you read all of posts  1 & 2 of Chainfire’s thread at XDA because this patch is only tested on the devices listed and does not work on P1000L and P1000N. More from Chain fire listed below:

The patch
After a great many hours of researching, testing and coding, myself (Chainfire) and Rotohammer have come up with a patch that works on most devices (currently all known GSM Tab variants except the P1000L and P1000N Latin models), and flashes back unprotected JJ4 (T-Mobile ?) bootloaders. The apponly patches when it finds protected bootloaders, and you have to press a button for that, so the app can also be used to look at your current status.

The patch has been tested repeatedly and with success on (0 bricks so far):
– GT-P1000 Euro/International/Unbranded Galaxy Tab
– SGH-I987 AT&T Galaxy Tab
– SGH-I987 Rogers Galaxy Tab
– SGH-T849 T-Mobile Galaxy Tab

It does not work on:
– GT-P1000L Latin Galaxy Tab
– GT-P1000N Latin Galaxy Tab

Additional thanks to: koush, neldar, richardtrip, AColwill, farahbolsey, deezid, wgery, tmaurice, rmanaudio, crisvillani, alterbridge86, ivannw, themartinohana (in no particular order!)

Please note that even though there have not been any bricks so far, replacing bootloaders is a very dangerous operation that may BRICK your device, and you should think twice before using the patch. Using the patch is completely AT YOUR OWN RISK!