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Samsung takes a swing at the iPhone in video ad

I don’t think this is as good as the “I’m a Mac” commercials that featured a Bill Gates look a like actor and a young Steve Jobs (sorta) looking actor duking it out over who’s better. The same commercial spurred T-Mobile to jump on board as well as Virgin Mobile. The T-Mobile was pretty good mainly because Carly Foulkes was in it, but the Virgin versions were not that great. Well it looks like we have a new commercial taking a jab at Apple from Samsung! Apple has obviously been a huge thorn in Sammy’s side of late with all the tablet injunctions they managed to get Germany and Australia to place against them. So why not thumb your nose at them, flip them the bird, and generally tell them to f$%& off by making a video poking fun at the hordes of people waiting in line for an iPhone that is basically the same as last years, no 4G service, and has questionable battery life! The video has Apple customers happily standing in line signing songs and acting quite smug about it while a Samsung Galaxy S II device owner walks buy going about his business when the device catches the eye of the people standing in line with 12 hours left to go!

Great video ad I hope to see on TV and props to Sammy for having to the grapes to have a go at Apple!