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Samsung’s New Flagship Galaxy S III Launches in 28 Countries

The wait is over unless you are here in the United States as Sammy has launched it’s new flagship Galaxy S III smartphone in 28 counties today. Loaded with features and amazing specs, the Samsung Galaxy S III is expected, like it’s predecessors, to make a huge impact and set new records. Here in the United States, the Galaxy Series Android devices have received tremendous carrier support and marketing and I would not expect that the 3rd iteration of the Galaxy Series smartphone would be any different. With it’s massive 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen, GS3 owners will be able to stream media content and enjoy  the beautiful display. At 4.8 inches, the GS3 screen is close to the 5 inch tablets that were released like the Dell Streak that still has a cult following. A device like this that is even more pocketable and handheld will surely score huge with that market. It would be also interesting to hear if anyone out there has put down their tablets in favor of the large screen smartphones like the GS3. I am quite satisfied on the 4.8 inch Titan 2 screen, (not as nice of resolution but size) and can browse the internet without eye strain like the small screen iPhone uses at 3.5 inches.

The Galaxy S II will launch overseas in two flavors, a pebble blue and marble white version that looks amazing. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S III page for more info and all the new features that the GS3 will have here.