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Samsung’s Newest Galaxy Advert Hits The Mark


Following on the heels of the awesome “Next Big Thing Is Already Here” adverts where Samsung poked fun at Apple’s iPhone for its diminuitive size and lack of cool new technology like NFC Samsung has launched an advert designed to showcase its built for work in a BOYD environment.

The advert targets both the iPhone and BlackBerry, BlackBerry mostly. Businesses are finally gravitating to the BYOD movement for several reasons. One, their executives are hooked on iPhones and Androids which are prompting the change. Two, cost effective when a large business could cut its dependency on BlackBerry servers. Samsung wants the public to know that they don’t have to be tethered to a BlackBerry and that Android is ready and able to be used for both work and play-sometimes at the same time as in the ad!

This ad is so good because it manages to showcase it standout features without forcing the viewing audience to learn uncommon technological words. Samsung shows that they get how to narrate what is good about their phones and following the Keep It Simple Stupid formula has allowed them to hit the mark once again. One of the early favorites for best tech advert of 2013.