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Schaps Releases a Series Of Touch Apps

Schaps has been in the headlines for his ongoing development of Touchxperience (more on that) and now he’s released a series of beta apps to try out. It includes:

Security Manager allows you to change security configuration of your device, for example to allow unsigned applications to work on some devices, or to avoid warning message when launching third party applications.

TouchPaint is similar to Microsoft Paint but designed to use with fingers or stylus, allowing you to create drawings or edit images. It supports Bitmap, JPEG, PNG and GIF image formats. You can use different kinds of tools/shapes (pen, brush, eraser, line, rectangle, triangle,…) with any color. It may be useful for example to draw a sketch when you don’t have a sheet of paper with you, to draw a diagram and send it via e-mail, or simply to amuse children.

Time Synchronizer allows you to synchronize your device clock with an Internet time server (using SNTP, Daytime Protocol and Time Protocol via TCP/UDP), but also with GPS satellites and cellular network. It is very easy to use: tap an icon to retrieve time from the desired source, then tap Synchronize to adjust your system time. Time Synchronizer supports time zones, the time displayed is your local time. You can use any Internet time server, there are predefined addresses of well-known servers. Not all time servers support Daytime Protocol and Time Protocol, SNTP is more accurate.

File Editor is a simple but useful file editor, allowing you to create and open any type of file. File Editor supports text files but you can also edit any file with the included hexadecimal editor. Later, File Editor may come with new features for a full script editor.

Capture Tool is an advanced screen capturing utility for Windows Mobile, you can take screenshots using triggers (hardware keys or sensors) or timers (you can enable vibrations to know exactly when the screenshot will be taken). Capture Tool can take several screenshots at regular interval, it supports BMP, JPEG, PNG and GIF image formats, you can also choose the window or the screen area to capture, and the image size. Once the screen is captured, you can send the screenshot directly by e-mail, and in the future version you could edit and add notes to screen captures.

Oh and “New TouchXperience build available to beta tester: some bug fixes and the ability to create new (unlimited) custom menus and panels”

The XDA thread is located here. The downloads are located here. These are all donationware so if you like where they’re headed remember to buy a beer:)