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SensorScroll Updated

We normally avoid incremental updates to apps but SensorScroll has a sweet spot in my heart…and this is more than an incremental update. This is the application that lets you use the dpad scroll wheel to scroll in all applications (and not just the handful that the Fuze/Diamond scroll with out of the box).

Here are the latest changes found in v.07

– Fully changed working principles. Should be much more stable and compatible now.
– Added support for screen rotation. Read the manual about the 3 key screen rotation.
– Added support for process identify. Read the manual.
– Added handling of power notifications. Now it should consume almost no CPU when suspended.
– Added support for preventing the device to go to suspended state while using the d-pad
– Added support for vibrate feedback for "touch gestures switch", "screen rotation", "process identify"
– Fixed problem with saving/loading settings with non english versions of windows mobile
– Fixed problem with double tap working not only for the center button, but also in other areas (home, back, call, end call)
– Removed process enumeration in SensorScroll Settings. This caused more problems then it solved.

The download can be found here. Thanks again to demosten to keeping up development on this incredible application.