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Shake2Send – Bump-like app for Windows Mobile

XDA member Jaxbot has just posted an app called Shake2Send that works like the iPhone’s Bump application, which lets you send a contact to another phone if you shake both phones at the same time. When the app starts you enter a name to identify your phone, then shake both phones at the same time to pair them to each other. You’ll be greeted with a screen that tells you that you have paired with the other user so it’s clear who you are sharing with. Once that’s done all you need to do is press ‘send contact’ and you’re greeted with your contacts list. Once you pick one you shake your phone to confirm to send it, the recipient is greeted with a message to accept or reject the contact and they shake to accept the contact at which time the contact is transferred immediately. It’s actually pretty fun to use and there’s some nice scrolling animation throughout. You can use this with non-gsensor phones by changing the options on the first screen and just tapping the screen to select options. The app works by using a server to connect through (so it’s not bluetooth or wifi). The benefit is that the phones don’t need to be near each other for this to work.  Of course, there are other ways to send a contact but none are as fun:) If you want to check it out the XDA link is here and the download is available from here. In my brief testing it is fast and works well. The only issue I found was that one phone would ‘pair’ with the other phone but the second phone wouldn’t find the first and the end result is that the first phone can send contacts but the other phone couldn’t send but it would receive contacts still. It’s a v.5 and despite that little bug it’s still fun enough to test out and to help the developer with your feedback. And here’s a video of it in action from the developer: