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Shazam Music Search Free On Marketplace

The Shazam MusicID app is now showing up on Marketplace in the US for free. This is the one where you hold your phone to the music and it IDs the song for you. It works great too. From Marketplace:


Lovin’ that tune? Create music moments: discover, buy and share music.Shazam can identify music anywhere: from the TV, radio, or in a bar. With this complimentary* version of Shazam, you will get 5 Tags per month and the options to buy and share your music discoveries.Alternatively, upgrade to enjoy additional features: unlimited Tags, Tag Chart, Similar Tracks, Artist Bios, Reviews and Discographies for a one-off fee.Try before you buy: 7 day FREE* trial of our additional features with this download. After trial, upgrade or keep Shazaming for FREE* with limited usage and features.Shazam is quick and simple to use:1) Hold your phone towards the music and select Tag Now 2) Within seconds, you’ll know the artist, track and other interesting info 3) From the Tag Details you can buy related content and share the discovery with your friends. Start your music journey now!*Standard data charges apply.


  • Hit Tag Now to identify playing music
  • See identified music in My Tags
  • Buy tagged tracks and related items for your mobile
  • Share Tag details with friends

Here’s the fine print:

Users of the free Shazam application will have the ability to discover up to five songs per month and have the option to share their discovered music. Premium users will get unlimited tagging capabilities plus additional features that include:

  • Access to Shazam’s Tag Charts which indicate what music and which artists are hot and are being tagged by Shazam users in country
  • Recommendations for similar tracks based on the tagged songs and artists
  • Biographies of tagged artists and bands
  • Music and album reviews, and discographies
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