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Shopped? Comes to iOS to Help You Figure Out if Pictures are Fake

Yeah I’d say this app is very aptly named. It’s called Shopped? and the whole point of the app is to help users figure out if an image is fake or altered. I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time I looked at a picture and wonder if it was fake or not. If you are one of those people that wonder about pictures though then this app is for you apparently. It’ll cost you 99 cents to know if an image is fake or not.


With imaging programs like Adobe Photoshop becoming increasingly sophisticated, the digital manipulation of media images is becoming more commonplace. But a new iPhone application called Shopped? is giving people the ability to distinguish fact from fiction when it comes to the photos they encounter in everyday media.

Shopped? uses advanced heatmap filtration technology to let users check virtually any photo for evidence of digital manipulation. The heatmap filter highlights different error levels in the image. If an image is heavily manipulated, the heatmap displays a variety of colors in correlation to the various edits. With a single touch, images can be imported into Shopped? from the web, email, iPhone photo library, or other applications. Users can share their ‘evidence’ by exporting filtered images to blogs, Twitter, and Facebook or by sending them via email.

Everyday Apps has produced a variety of other iPhone applications, including Wordflick—a fast-paced arcade-style word game for iOS devices that has been repeatedly featured on Apple’s App Store home page.

Shopped? is available in seventeen different languages for 99 cents from the iTunes App Store.

Download the software on iTunes: