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Skylanders Battlegrounds Comes to iOS November 21st

Skylanders Battlegrounds is coming to iOS to tomorrow and yes it’s pretty much just like the console version, complete with portal or power and figures to go with it! Well that’s not quite true, you can get the playset for $50 now and the Skylanders Lost Islands for download, but tomorrow is the release of the stand alone app.  My kids were enthralled with Skylanders when it first came out, it lasted a couple months when we got it for them last Christmas, but they really haven’t touched it since then. It’s neat, it’s cool, but it’s expensive to have to keep buying all that stuff for it. It’s now coming to iOS and I guess Activision can get some more money for all those figures…

Activision Publishing, Inc. announced today the addition of two new mobile titles – Skylanders Lost Islands available now for download exclusively on the App Store and Skylanders Battlegrounds now available as a physical starter pack at retail, and will be available digitally as a standalone iOS App tomorrow, November 21.

Skylanders Battlegrounds notches another first for the franchise by bringing its signature blend of physical and virtual play from the console experience to mobile devices. The Skylanders Battlegrounds Starter Pack includes a special wireless Bluetooth Portal of Power® that brings your figures to life on iOS, and three characters: Jet Vac, Series 2 Cynder and Double Trouble, and a Platinum Treasure Chest stocked with digital items for use in Skylanders Battlegrounds.

Skylanders Battlegrounds features: 

  • An entirely new Action RPG experience designed from the ground up for mobile devices, featuring innovative team-up gameplay in which the player controls two Skylanders at the same time. 
  • Episodic content, starting with twenty levels and two mega bosses upon initial release. Additional levels and bosses will be delivered through app updates for free. 
  • Gamers who purchase the Skylanders Battlegrounds Starter Pack get to use the included platinum treasure chest that automatically unlocks loads of in-game loot including a coin and XP multiplier, health potions, bombs, and much more.

The complete Skylanders Battlegrounds Starter Pack is available at retail for $49.99, and includes a redemption code to download the game from the App Store. The standalone app is available on November 21 in the App Store on iOS devices directly for $6.99; no peripherals or figures are required to play. However, the Bluetooth Portal of Power included in the Skylanders Battlegrounds Starter Pack will work with all of the available digital apps, letting players use their favorite Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure® and Skylanders Giants figures with Skylanders Battlegrounds, as well as Skylanders Lost Islands and the updated Skylanders Cloud Patrol.

Skylanders Lost Islands, an innovative character and resource management game, gives Portal Masters a chance to rebuild and customize their own slice of the Skylands. Players can play with their Skylanders by sending them off on quests and adventures, using them to ward off evil trolls, and chase away pesky sheep all while helping the peaceful Mabu rebuild their homeland in the sky.

Meanwhile, Skylanders Cloud Patrol continues to build momentum as a top casual title on iOS, with a massive new update that introduces an all-new social multiplayer Daily Showdowns mode. Challenge your friends to a Showdown, send them taunts via push notifications and beat them to earn in-game currency. Don’t worry if you lose, every day there’s a new Showdown. This is all possible with the debut of ACTIVATE – Activision’s new mobile gaming platform that delivers extended online features and services to mobile gamers, including cloud storage of user’s toy collection and save games across iOS devices. And even bigger enhancements are on tap for the game. Later this year, the Skylanders Giants characters will be joining the Skylanders Cloud Patrol.

For more information about Skylanders Battlegrounds, Skylanders Lost Islands¸ and Skylanders Cloud Patrol please visit

Skylanders Battlegrounds, Skylanders Lost Islands and Skylanders Cloud Patrolare developed by Vicarious Visions Mobile, Activision’s mobile games powerhouse based in Albany, New York.