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Skype And Verizon Ink A Deal

Skype and Verizon are going to have a joint conference at WMC on Tuesday. Skype Tweeted about it and VZ issued a press release.  According to Bloomberg they are going to announce a deal that will lead to VZ including Skype on their phones. This is in part because Skype has been announced for the iPhone so VZ needs to respond to AT&T’s move. So it looks like both carriers are poised to embrace using Skype over their data connection. From an end user perspective, that means you could buy a smaller phone plan from your carrier and still get all the calls you want. It’s likely, however, to lead to higher data plans in response. Bloomberg does note that in Hong Kong one of the carriers opened up their network to Skype calls and they have been able to retain and attract new subscribers because of this. So, with this move it’s likely that all of the carriers will follow suit to try to level the playing field.

So if you were frustrated with dropped calls just wait until data hiccups end your calls early:) Anyone think that VZ and AT&T are really ready for the increased amount of data that’s likely going to come from this? Are you all excited to pay more for data?:)

Of course, if you’re using Windows Mobile you probably already have been using Skype for some time. If not the download is available here and yes, it does work over 3G and as we’ve mentioned in the past, it even permits file sharing (like photos, music and other files) and texting.