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Skype Sort Of Pulled From WM

Skype has sort of pulled the WM app from its site. Well, here’s the deal. WMPowerUser reported that they announced on their site that it was being pulled citing performance issues with it but stating if you have it then you can continue to use it. But here’s the thing. They didn’t actually remove it from their site. Yes, if you tried to navigate from the ‘download’ page you wouldn’t find it. But they just removed the mapping to it from the download page so it’s there, you just need to know where to find it. And here it is:) Don’t worry, if they pull the link we’ll give you a new link. If you’ve never tried Skype on your WM device it works perfectly well and it works over 3G or wifi.

Whether or not there’s a connection between this and Skype’s deal with Verizon is unknown at this time but the words ‘exclusive agreement’ have been floating around the net for the past few days.