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Slacker Gets Major Metro Overhaul for iPhone

Slacker just released a major overhaul to their user interface for iPhone and iPod that incorporates a lot of enhancements with swiping and better sharing to social media. The only downside is the new color scheme that they brought with it is the same as Windows Phone Metro blue instead of the harder edged black. Also they have changed their logo from the black and yellow trimmed to a red and white color that could and hopefully is temporary for the Valentines Day Hallmark Holiday tomorrow.
Check out the UI changes:

As you can see Slacker has a fresh coat of baby blue metro paint which I don’t particularly care for but what I do like is the very cool live tile affects it has. Each tile, one at a time will flash an image to either a play list picture or image relating to the tile. It’s a little slow but very cool indeed. I would have also liked to see all tiles displaying related images instead of just one at a time. Slacker, we are used to sensory overload, let us see more material.
Now check out these very cool sharing changes!:

You can now share a single song where you could not before by choice. In the old version of Slacker it would automatically share a predetermined selection from the settings. Now it can be done within the song selection which is really cool. I have never liked or set any app to auto share. I always make the choice to share anything individually. You can also email, text message, twitter, or Facebook favorite material.

Swiping is also big now in the new Slacker UI. Like the iTunes Store, you can swipe across rows of content to quickly find what you want or scroll through your own saved music choices. This was already “sort of” implemented of the iPad but was hard to find and use.

The new UI update to slacker is really fresh and easy to use. Again, I would have preferred some custom color options and not the metro baby blue color theme. The sharing feature has been something I have wanted for a long time and finding new content is even easier than before. With the new Slacker update only rolling out to iPhone and iPod, Slacker must have something really unique in store for us on the iPad. No word on the iPad refresh but they did go ahead and change the icon from the black and yellow trim to the red. We will keep you posted on any changes but in the mean time head on over to the iTunes Store and get your update or download Slacker and give it a try. I personally opt for the premium service for 10 bucks a month. I like being able to cache offline content to listen to while I travel and also the live radio stations and DJ’s make the experience more personal. Slacker also has an ad driven version for free as well as a mid level 5 dollar a month plan that isn’t as loaded as the premium version. Head over to Slacker for more information on their subscription plans.

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