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Slacker…We Barely Knew You

It was just 24 hours ago when we were falling in love with Slacker and already the love is done. Slacker has apparently pulled the plug from permitting WM devices from accessing their servers. If you try to play a song you’ll just get an error message. Now all we can do is hope that when the HD2 goes live in the US they’ll give us back our app…

Why are they torturing us? They don’t torture Blackberry, Android and iPhone users. 

Slacker itself (about a month ago) did talk about a WM app:

The latest update I have is end of 1Q 2010. Seems that we had been working towards a partnership with a particular phone running WinMo 7.0 and that has been delayed. Because of this partnership we were working on a WinMo 7.0 application first. Because of some issues that caused the delay, this has now delayed our entire WinMo dev team. I don’t know much more than that at this time, but we are still committed to this application. It just might be later than we had hoped for.
Just a side note. This is why we typically don’t like to announce "dates" for upcoming releases/projects/products/etc. Because now that we have said we had hoped to have something out for WinMo, and it didn’t work out, you all are disappointed (rightly so, we are too). We don’t like to do that, so normally we would have waiting until everything was fully ready to announce it. But we had taken a chance that this partnership was going to work out in time, and it didn’t.
Sorry again, but we are working on getting it out in the next few months.

So, since we had anticipated WinMo 7 to be released much earlier, we were looking into supporting that out of the gate with some Handset Partners. That has now been taken off the table due to the continued delays in WinMo 7 and we are looking at other options. This is what has forced us to shift our release date around and so we are still looking to provide a WinMo application, but it’s going to need to be vastly different (from a development side) than what we had anticipated starting with.

Not sure where this leaves us since we now know there’s an app compatible with 6.5…so we wait.

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