Ok, you tell me, do we need something like this? Seriously though when I have smudges or fingerprints on my phone I just breathe on it a bit and then wipe it off on my shirt. Would you carry special wipes to clean your phone? These are $3 for a 10 pack or  three 20 packs for $7.49 at Amazon.  Sure my way isn’t the safest as it could get scratched but that’s why I use a screen protector!

A new product offers a convenient, portable solution to this problem and, at $3.00 or less, is also a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift.  KIMTECH* Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes are dry, reusable, disposable microfiber wipes that are ideal for on-the-go use.  In addition, the wipes:

  • Easily remove fingerprints, makeup and skin oil and grease
  • Won’t scratch glass surfaces
  • Are virtually lint-free
  • Wipe clean and streak-free, without the use of chemicals
  • Come in a convenient two-pack for pocket, purse or briefcase
  • Are available in re-sealable pouches, to keep wipes clean


KIMTECH* Touchscreen Cleaning Wipes are available at Dollar General stores in two-packs, with 10 wipes per pack, for a suggested retail price of $3.00, and online at Amazon.com in three-packs, with 20 wipers per pack, for a suggested retail price of $7.49.  They can also be found at the check-out counters of select grocery and discount store locations. For more information, visit http://www.kcdiy.com/touchscreen/.