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Smuggler Busted with 94 iPhones Taped To Body

It looks to be a very young man who got busted trying to smuggle 94 illegal iPhones taped to his body as he tried to get into China from Hong Kong. Customs officers noticed him walking…ah…. a little funny as if he were weighted down. The smuggler was carrying two plastic bags but the iPhones were removed from the boxes and taped to his body parts. The iPhones set the metal detector off as he was going through security. Perhaps if he was smuggling some Samsung Galaxy S series devices he would have made as they are mostly plastic. The iPhones were reported as being iPhone 6, 6 Plus and the older iPhone 5 models.

The iPhone is priced as much as £80 cheaper in Hong Kong so smuggling to main land China is a hot bed of opportunity for smugglers. Perhaps if he would have carried a smaller amount he would have been able to pull off the scam. See what happens when you get greedy? LOL


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