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So What Did You Get and Give?

Heard on the news that Americans bought a lot of stuff since Thanksgiving or whenever, the most since 2006. Let’s try to investigate that further in this thread with a little show and tell. Jews welcome. I’ll start.

Got: From my in-laws, Nexus S for me and my lady. From my wife, added line to her T-Mobile account which, though we haven’t discussed it yet, I don’t think I’ll have to pay for or contribute to. From T-Mobile’s twitter people, potential job lead. From my brother, $200 cash money ($400 if you count the $200 they gave to my wife as we now have a joint bank account). From my parents, absorption of this month’s medical bills and almonds. From my aunt, cookies.

Gave: Wife, nothing (was going to get her the Nexus S but her parents jumped in on that and then she insisted on a present truce – but I did go to church with her late last night – and I did just set her up with a Google Voice account a minute ago, sweet number, nice area code with the same prefix as her regular number; also about to order her a screen protector and sleeve). In-laws, working on a awesome thank you note for that Nexus. Three year old niece, Sing-A-Ma-Jig (see picture). Actually my wife bought it but it was my idea and, like last Christmas, her favorite present (competition in my family to spoil this child). Niece’s parents, various adblockers including a custom greasemonkey script for youtube ads (don’t judge me Kristofer). T-Mobile, a very flattering article. Young guy who works in the building and installed our air conditioner, forty bucks. Superintendent, a hundred. My old babysitter who’s more strapped for cash than me in part because I no longer need to be babysat, two hundred. Cab driver back from church last night, 42% tip. Wife’s church, … I’m not going to try to count that as a gift to give myself credit for in an article like this, that’s just weak; but I did give cash I could have spent on multiple Red Bulls to which I’ve grown addicted since I quit smoking, but c’mon, I’m not going to be that guy and put that on this list. Aunt, pledge to stuff her new iPod Touch my other aunt got her (making this a gift to both aunts I suppose) with music I’ll tell her isn’t pirated because she owns the CDs or probably bought a CD or vinyl record of the music at some point in her life, set up a wifi repeater and get her on Facetime and Tango with that thing. Mom, a pledge for at least one computer lesson without me getting impatient. It’s really hard not to get impatient so she was quite satisfied. Just need to deliver on that pledge somehow. Might have to drink a bit first or take some downers (both probably).


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