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Sony Ericsson releases Panorama Beta app for Xperia X10

If you are a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 owner and always wanted to try the amazing Photosynth app by Microsoft for iOS on your device, today is your day. Sony Ericsson has released an app named ‘Panorama Beta’ which can take panoramic photos and it’s as easy to use as selecting the direction, pressing the capture button and then panning the phone camera to shoot your panoramic photo.

The app is exclusive to Xperia X10, so no use in trying to find the app on Marketplace from a device other than Xperia X10. Also, your Xperia X10 must run the stock Android 2.1 firmware to use this app. But anyway, you can download the .apk and try it on your Android device.


Take me to the Panorama Beta app page on Android Market.

Source: Xperia X10 Blog

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